Please note:
FreeMessage will be discontinued as of April 29, 2019.

Why is FreeMessage being discontinued?

FreeMessage was developed as a secure messenger that not only offers its users end-to-end encryption but also all the usual convenience. However, the messenger market is highly competitive. That's why we decided to put our development resources into other services and features in the future. For this reason, we are undocking FreeMessage from our apps on April 29, 2019. The standalone FreeMessage app will also be discontinued on this date. In the following messages, you will find some important notes for backing up your histories and sent media:

What about images I have sent or received via FreeMessage?

Images must be saved individually before April 29, 2019, by accessing them within your history and saving them in your gallery:

• Android: Call up image within your history and tap “Save image” at the top of the menu.
• iOS: Call up image within your history and tap the share icon at the bottom to save the file in your “Photos” application.

What happens to my chat history?

Messages that you sent or received via FreeMessage were securely encrypted using end-to-end encryption. As a provider, we have no insight into your chat history or sent content and therefore cannot offer you a backup option. Here is something you can do: Select all relevant information by keeping a message pressed. Then copy the text and paste it into another application. You should save important photos separately by calling them up within the history and saving them in your gallery. With the deactivation on April 29, 2019, your messages and files will be deleted irretrievably.

Will my data be completely deleted?

Yes, your chat history including all multimedia files (profile picture, photos, videos, GIF etc.) will be completely deleted with the FreeMessage shutdown. After that, there will be no way to restore them.

Will there be another messenger service in the future?

With GMX, it is still possible to send SMS directly from the mailbox. Currently, we do not plan on creating another messenger service.